Your donation saves lives and gives them a chance to be adopted by loving families.

Every month, hundreds of loving adoptable small animals face homelessness and euthanasia.  With your help, we can rescue, rehab and rehome or provide a sanctuary for these deserving lives.



You can donate online! Check out our Amazon Wish List.

Amazon Wish List


Here is a list of our most needed items!! THANK YOU!

• Carefresh Bedding
• Silent Spinner Wheels
• Rat Hammocks
• Water Bottles
• Heavy Ceramic or Metal Food Bowls in All Sizes
• Fleece blankets and material
• Small dog and cat beds for bunnies
• Small animal carriers (Critter keepers or small wire carriers)
• Chew Toys
• Alfalfa and Timothy Hay
• Lab Blocks for Rats, Hamsters and Mice
• Grain, Oats, Barley, Rye or Cereals for Rats, Hamsters and Mice
• Alfalfa and Timothy Hay Pellets for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Chinchillas