Going out of town and need somewhere for your critters to crash? Ratical Rodent Rescue offers boarding services! We fill up quick during peak travel periods such as Thanksgiving and Christmas so be sure to schedule early.

The cost is $15 /day for the first 2 animals, $5/day for each additional animal. For extended stays, the cost is $90/week for the first 2 animals. Additional animals will result in a slightly higher price to cover food costs; please call to discuss!

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Grooming, including nail trims, ear cleaning and boar cleaning, are complimentary for all animals boarding for 3 days or longer. 15% discount applies for stays of 3 weeks or longer.

Should your pet require a trip to the vet while here, hand-feeding (syringe-feeding), wound-flushing, etc there will be an extra charge. If your pet has health issues at the time of drop-off that you haven’t alerted us to, we reserve the right to not take your pets in for boarding as we don’t want to endanger the other critters.

Boarding fees support our rescue operations. Please click below to fill out our boarding request form. Once we receive your completed form, we will attempt to contact you within 72 hours to confirm and arrange drop off / pick up details.

We recommend you bring something that smells like home to help your animal feel more comfortable. For rats in particular it can be helpful to bring their cage, as it can make them more comfortable, but this is not necessary.

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